We respect diversity of students in classroom and encourage the children’s. learning is not limited within the classroom, it is extended to the community with full of outdoor activities. Such activities are curriculum based and goal driven.The school prepares children to become a leader in life. It assists children become a critical and creative thinker and a problem solver.

Sunmodel School envisions to provide quality education rooted in values to new generations. We intend to instill self-esteem, self-reliance as well as respect for others in every student. We provide quality and value-based, holistic education to our students in order to prepare them to be independent and contributing members of the world community. At Sunmodel, every child is provided with an opportunity and environment where they can develop physically, mentally and spiritually. The teachers, we believe are the mentors who motivate, inspire and nurture students in such an environment so that an ordinary child can perform exceptionally well while exploring his/her inherent potential.

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